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Radio Freethinker Episode 160 – Somebodies Watching Me Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on April 3, 2012

This week Internet Surveillance, anthropomorphic extinction down-under, Lucky’s neighbors Uranium gets better and Picking your skeptic battles.

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Pirate Satellite!

In its never-ending quest to avoid prosecution or have disruption in its religious services (check out Kopimism and her is Canada). Pirate Bay is exploring launching its own low earth satellites.

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Online they are always watching you

We talk about a series of stories about online surveillance and the effects technology has on our sense privacy and security. The take-way is many conspiracy “nuts” point to a series of acts/events/laws and string together some major plot; we tend to say the conspiracy is crazy while often ignoring the specific events/laws/acts, although independent, may warrant our attention for non-conspiratory reasons…such as freedom or security.

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Anthropomorphic Extinction

We talk about how resent research reveals that it seems more likely that the arrival of humans to Australia resulted in a continental climate change that lead to a major shift in the flora on the mega-island which, with the help of human predation, lead to the extinction of the megafauna down-under.

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Lucy’s Neighbors.

We talk about how resent research has uncovered yet more evidence the early human ancestors were varied and co-existed. New the site of the Lucy discovery, bones from another species of hominid have been uncovered that showed a more inter-terrainial lifestyle. Although able to walk-upright its feet were more adapted for grasping…likely for arboreal locomotion. 

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Uranium just got better!

New research has help refine the ratio of U358 to U355. Why should we care? Its one of the best way we have of determine the age of REALLLLLY old things. Science making science better..

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Picking your skeptical battles.

We begin by exposing and debunking a ‘new’ website intent of propagating the ‘illusion’ Wi-Fi is dangerous to children in schools (we can assume else were, but their rage is focused on schools).
We then explore that a large (most?) important part of skepticism is not to call these people out or to make ourselves feel superior but to focus societies attentions of ‘real’ or more pressing issues.
To exemplify this, we compare the resent row over Pink Slime and the new Harper Budget. We explore the minor health risks Pink Slime MIGHT have and how people are putting there efforts to ‘get this removed from the food chain’ while the current budget removes government regulation over ingredient labeling.  So, even if you hate Pink Slime, there will be no government agency to insure its NOT in your food…that will be your responsibility, and then you get to bring it to the attention of the corporations (who i suspect already knew but hopped you would not).
We conclude by expressing that people need to put their energies (at least the majority of their energies) into the important battles and that skepticism is another tool to help us and society pick those battles.

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Skeptical Highlights:

Video Highlight…

Every wonder why spiders don’t get stuck on their own webs?
Well check out Science Fridays Video of the week, where all is explained. Seems to be a combination of hairy feet, oil and stepping lightly.

‘All About Vaccines’ Charity Event to Take Place in Okanagan, British Columbia

The event takes place on April 22nd, all the information you need is right here, and you should buy your tickets in advance (it’s free but the donations go to the IAVI).

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Radio Freethinker Episode 159 – Trans-Atlantic Conservative

Posted by Don McLenaghen on March 28, 2012

This week Posthumous weddings, Pink Slime Warnings and Don’s interview with Tony Sobrado – Part 3(of 3), conservatism here and across the pond.

Download the episode here!


In France, two men can’t marry but you can marry a corpse!

Another one of those weird things  you learn in the weirdest places. It seems there are many things you can learn from mass murder. Last week France was rocked by the multi-murders executed by a one of its citizens.

Now, of all the important facts that arose from this wasn’t that France was not the ‘nation of origin’ of the shooter…apparently of Algerian extraction, although he was born in France…not the failure of French security services (the DCRI)…nor even the rapidity of French politicians to ratchet up the xenophobia in this an election year.

. No, none of that seems nearly as interesting as that France, a country that does NOT allow same-sex marriage none the less does allow you to marry the dead.

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Pink Slime – the really worrying issue

We talk about what pink slime is, where it comes from, its origin story and why people seem so upset about something that is actually healthier than the ‘ground chuck’ it serves to supplement.

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Tony Sobrado interview Part 3 – Conservatism around the world…well English world.

This week we finish our three part series with Tony Sobrado. Tony Sabrado Tony is a research analyst and social scientist currently based in London. Author of the soon to be published book “Who rules the world: An analysis to conspiracy theory”. He also contributes to the Huffington Post.

Part 3 – We talk about the changing face of conservatism in England, the USA and Canada. Tony give us his own unique perspective both as a social scientist and keen observer of political life.

Learn more about Tony Sobrado:

Skeptical Highlights:

TAM 10 in 2012…an end of the world event?

TAM Las Vegas is a four-day conference, featuring workshops, panel discussions, and presentations by leading thinkers and celebrities, and evening performances and parties for attendees.
<From the poster>
he James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) has hosted its annual Amaz!ng Meeting since 2003 as a way to promote science, skepticism and critical thinking about paranormal and supernatural claims to the broader public. “TAM,” as it’s known by regular attendees, has been held in Las Vegas, NV since 2004 and has become the world’s largest gathering of like-minded science-advocates and skeptics. People from all over the world come to the Amaz!ng Meeting each year to share learning and laughs with fellow skeptics and distinguished guest speakers. Nearly 1,700 people attended The Amaz!ng Meeting 2011 in Las Vegas.

When: July 12-15, 2012,
Location: South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa, Las Vegas
Cost: Registration $325 to $600 / Workshops $40/ea or $100/all / + added events
TAM 10

Genius on line

The Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has made available for free the complete archive of Albert Einstein’s writings. This included his scientific works as well as his personal correspondence and other documents. There are over 7000 high-quality digitized images displayed from over 2000 documents.

The Archival Database included approximately 43,000 records of Einstein and Einstein related documents. Supplementary archival holdings and databases pertaining to Einstein documents have been established at both the Einstein Papers Project and the Albert Einstein Archives for scholarly research.

Einstein Archives Online

Science vs. Moral Rhetoric: Sex Work, Policies and Public Health

As part of the Super Rounds Lecture, Dr. Kate Shannon discussed the issues surrounding the sex trade.

<From the poster>

(not from the poster)

Sex workers experience the worst health outcomes globally, with escalating rates of violence, HIV infection and premature mortality worldwide. Unfortunately recent history has shown that all too often moral debates dominate the public health response in sex work, and science continues to take a backseat to punitive approaches aimed at eliminating sex work and “rescue” operations. This is despite the ample evidence of the failures of criminalization in preventing harms among sex workers both locally and internationally, and the inadvertent role of these policies and enforcement-based approaches in exacerbating violence and poor health among sex workers. Growing evidence points to the need for global account-ability by policy makers, governments, scientists, and international bodies to public health efforts that redress the health inequity gaps among some of the most marginalized individuals.

When: Wed. April. 1, 5pm,
Location: Theatre, Robson Square, 800 Robson St, Vancouver
Cost: Free
Super Rounds Lectures

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